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We are extremely satisfied with Jason and his team at Leveille HIC.  From our first meeting with them to discuss a major renovation, we had a sense of how important delivering a high quality job is to the craftspeople at Leveille.  The design that they developed for us was exactly what we were looking for and the detailed cost estimate and milestone schedule at the beginning of the process gave us a sense that they had a good understanding of what the job would cost.


The project began on schedule and the Leveille team were on the job site every day.  Each of them was courteous, hardworking and did exceptional work.  Jason and his supervisors kept a close eye on the progress and let us know what was going to happen every step of the project.  They accommodated the changes that we wanted with no issues.  The job finished essentially on budget and very close to the original date.


We were hoping for a "Wow!" on this renovation and selected Leveille because we thought that they could give us one.  We were not disappointed.  The quality of the job from the design to the carpentry to the stonework was exceptional.  The finish work and the custom cabinetry really stand out.


Leveille HIC was a delight to work with.  We would absolutely use them again on a future job and they have our highest recommendation. 


"Working with Leveille on our kitchen makeover was a learning and growing experience for my wife and me. When we first went to Leveille and asked for suggestions on how to modernize our kitchen, we were given a suggested design that made us catch our breath.  We are elderly, and the suggestions seemed too far out for what we thought were our tastes.  However, by the time the final Leveille design was drawn up, we enthusiastically accepted a design that opened our kitchen to the rest of the house. 

Now, having lived with our new kitchen for several months, we are glad that we did.  The kitchen is lighter, brighter and more integrated with the rest of the house than if we had followed the usual ideas from the  companies that think “in the box.”

          The design ideas were important in getting us to think modern.  But the next steps were equally important.  The carrying out of the project, which was complicated because it also involved remodeling a bathroom, redoing floors and painting much of the house, was a challenge which Leveille met with a careful organization and skilled workers.  Each stage was carefully planned out to cause a minimum of disruption to us, and there was careful consideration to meeting tight time schedules throughout.

          Finally, design and planning are one thing.  Of equal importance is the quality of the work done so that the final product is attractive, utilitarian and practical.  And the final job, when finished, met all three criteria.  We and others who visit see the final product as quality work, with, for example,  hardwood cabinets done by cabinet makers not carpenters or machines. 

Now that she has become accustomed to the new layout of her kitchen, my wife finds it an area that is fun and pleasant to work in.  The arrangement of the workspace and kitchen appliances is logical and efficient, and the openness of our new kitchen encourages an easy interaction with other parts of the house.

          In sum, our new kitchen is in every way a success that we are pleased to be living in".

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“Leveille HIC finished a storage room in our basement in February 2009. Their work was within budget and on time. The quality of work was excellent and per specifications. In many instances, they performed beyond scope without additional charges. Their staff was courteous, trustworthy and reliable. I would use them again.”
- Girish, Potomac MD

“Leveille HIC Inc. is approachable, always on time, very thorough and I can always count on them to keep a clean work space. I feel completely comfortable to have a Leveille HIC Crew in my home and around my children. I would invite them to dinner.”
- Heidi, Potomac MD

“Professional contractor services unlike any other. Honest, hardworking and courteous staff. Wonderful attention to detail! Exceeding all expectations! We will use Leveille HIC again and have already recommended to others!”
Lisa, Bethesda MD

Don, Bethesda MD

Brian and Elaine Silver Spring, MD

And many more..

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